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What factors affect the price of laser welding machine? According to the different laser and working methods, two kinds of laser welding methods are pulsed laser and continuous laser welding.

Pulsed laser welding machine is mainly used for single point of continuous and thin piece of material welding, welding, forming a round solder;

Continuous laser welding machine is mainly used for welding and cutting thick parts, welding process to form a continuous weld.

Several important factors affecting the laser welding effect:

First, there is the choice of welding materials

Two, the choice of laser welding machine

Three, the choice of processing table

Laser welding is expected to have excellent directivity, high brightness, high strength, high color, high coherence and other characteristics of laser beam radiation to the processing of the surface area, laser beam passes through an optical focusing system, by laser and the interaction being welded, in a very short period of time the welding formed a highly concentrated heat source area, heat makes is welded zone melting, cooling, crystallizing solid solder joint and weld formation.

Laser welding, one of the key control parameters is the focus positions of the light beam, under certain laser power and welding speed, focus only in best position in order to obtain the maximum penetration depth and good weld shape.

Many companies in addition to the price of laser welding machine and welding during melting phenomenon can be generated and the generated in the degree to which depends mainly on the surface of the laser material interaction time, power density and peak power, control the parameters you can complete a variety of different welding processing by laser. Improve the production efficiency, save unnecessary cost.

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