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Laser marking machine is a mechanical processing equipment, the use of a long time, there will be some symptoms. For example, many users found that the power of the laser marking machine has declined, the following is a common reason for the decline in the power of laser marking machine.

1 marking speed too fast

Solution: appropriate to slow down the pace of marking.

2 laser power supply voltage drop, resulting in a decrease of laser output power

Solution: need to replace the power supply.

3 optical path system is not accurate

Solution one: adjusting the laser.

Solution two: adjust the position of the beam expander, the incident light should be at the center of the beam expanding lens into the hole, the center of the beam to the center of the aperture.

4 the surface of the workpiece is not in the focal plane.

Solution: adjust the workpiece surface to focus.

5 beam mirror position, direction is not accurate

Solution: adjust the position of the beam expander.

6 laser departure from the center of the oscillator

Solution: adjust the laser.

The 7 lens, the lens have defaced the phenomenon

Solution: clean or replace.

8 equipment service life is too long

Solution: need to charge or replace the new laser.

Professional people to do professional thing, laser marking machine in the maintenance, repair, some operations to professional and technical personnel complete, do not disassemble the maintenance, otherwise not only on the performance of equipment damage, and may cause harm to the operator.

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