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Laser is a very mysterious thing, we watching American movies of the time, laser as a terrible weapon, lethal strong let people fear. At that time we of laser produced curiosity, feel very mysterious, whether it is how to produce, how will have such a big threat of force. With the progress of science and technology, the laser's mysterious veil has been unveiled by us, the principle of laser is also known. So what is the principle of the laser marking machine?

Laser marking machine using wavelength 808nm laser diode pumped Nd: YAG medium, medium to produce large amounts of inversion. In the Q - switch formed wavelength is 1064nm giant pulse laser output and the electro-optical conversion efficiency is high.

ND:YAG as a medium to produce a laser, the issue of a specific wavelength can make the work of the production of energy level transition to release the laser, the laser energy will be amplified after the formation of laser beam processing of laser beam.

In fact, this understanding is very abstract, then we compare it, when you in the sun exposure is not by the ultraviolet radiation to the skin will be black, in fact, ultraviolet light is a light source, just a different wavelength, when we control when you can used for sterilization and so on.

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