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Laser welding in our life has been very common, but how to judge the effect of laser welding is good or bad, know that not a lot, we have to look at how to judge the effect of laser welding:

Except in the welded samples, pay more attention to welding data, welding current, welding position, welding pieces of sealing air extraterrestrial, to please we have experienced staff through the eye view to determine the laser welding machine quality is not qualified, but this is only the first step, not to rush to conclusions. Then we can destroy the parts to see, then what is destructive view? Not to destroy the device to view, but in view of the time is not only with the naked eye but to open the welding machine to determine the base material.

Usually in concluded that laser welding machine quality: we can also through various methods to determine the quality of the laser welding machine, for example, can be monitoring of tensile strength, and according to the checked results to determine where exactly is the equipment of doubt. If equipment in processing time has poor welding, solder joints weld of doubt, this time divergent set is full of welding machine has doubt, perhaps inappropriate data, in the replacement of data or is change of laser welding machine waveform set again welding, further evaluation of the role.

But, if the use of welding machine welding products one after another in the same site presents welding effect is not ideal, welding a bad situation, this time we can see table and the fixture is not presented is not tightly clamped questions, welding is not to irregular? And the energy stability of the welding machine can also be viewed.

Therefore, we have a laser welding machine welding equipment, the machine itself is not necessarily a question, there may be a product of the raw materials, the fixture will affect the role of the welding. Of course if found to be equipment of doubt, such as welding spot crude is fully able to debug the parameters of equipment and improved effect. If it is welding pieces of raw doubt, some can add some accessories to achieve good welding effect, plus the auxiliary welding material welded to owe good, then it is possible to discriminant the raw materials are not suitable for laser welding machine welding.

Laser welding machine welding how judges function, more have experience of laser welding machine operator, in most cases a data fast and accurately distinguish the degree of availability of such goods by laser welding machine, effect and so on.

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