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With the rapid development of society, precious metals in people's life with increasing frequency, jewelry, ornaments, and other luxury goods presented changeable bustling, market demand also in continuing to rise, in order to respond quickly to changes in the market, Lei Ming laser continuous innovation, pushing the precious metal laser cutting machine, mainly for the precious metals industry changing needs of formulated good solutions. The main advantage of the precious metal laser cutting machine:

The double noble metal recovery system using the laser of Ming laser. Imported fiber laser and high profile cutting head, high precision rotary servo motor, with professional laser cutting control software, supporting automatic follow focus system, cutting can automatic follow bending the ups and downs of the workpiece by adjusting the position of the focus and ensure the precision cutting quality assurance. Optional automatic feeding system and bracelet, ring rotary cutting system.

Major highlights:

1 original recycling system - full closed double protection, cavity cutting, recovery rate of more than 99.95%.

2 high cutting precision, high speed, narrow slit, heat affected zone is very small, cutting surface smooth without burr.

3 fiber laser life up to 100 thousand hours.

Laser precious metal cutting machine of many advantages, to meet the changing needs of the precious metal market, but also to provide you with quality industry solutions. Welcome to call us: 0755-29191116

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