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We live not in the monotonous and manufacturing process in the continuous update, the quality of life in the continuous improvement, the traditional manufacturing process has been unable to meet the needs of our daily life, Ministry of science and technology off the progress of today, the traditional manufacturing process also gradually by the laser welding machine technology to replace.

Laser welding machine in the application of laser welding is superior to the traditional process a lot of.

1, manufacturing applications

Laser tailor welding (TailoredBlandLaserWelding) technology in foreign car manufacturing get widely used. According to statistics, in 2000 within the scope of global tailored blank laser welding production line of more than 100, with an annual output of car component tailor welded blanks 70 million and continue to grow at a high speed. Domestic production of the introduction of models Buick, Passat, Audi, etc. also used a number of tailoring slab structure. Japan in CO2 laser welding instead of flash butt welding to connect the steel-making steel coil, in thin plate welding research, such as the thickness of the foil below 100 microns, no welding, but by special power output waveform of YAG laser welding to be successful shows the broad future of laser welding. Japan is the world's first successful development of the Nd: YAG laser welding is used to maintain the nuclear reactor steam generator tube, in the domestic Su Baorong also of the gear of the laser welding technology.

2, powder metallurgy field

With the continuous development of science and technology, many industrial technology on special requirements for materials, smelting method is used for the manufacture of materials has been unable to meet the needs. Due to the powder metallurgy materials with special properties and manufacturing advantages, in some fields such as automobile, aircraft, tools and cutting tools manufacturing industry is replacing the traditional metallurgy materials, with the increasing development of powder metallurgy materials, it and other parts of the connection problem will become increasingly prominent, so that the application of powder metallurgy materials restricted. In the early 1980s, the laser welding with its unique advantages into powder metallurgy material processing field, open up a new prospect for the application of powder metallurgy materials, such as the use of connection of powder metallurgy materials commonly used in brazing welding diamond, due to a combination of low intensity, heat shadow ring wide area especially can not adapt to the requirements of high temperature and high intensity high caused by solder melt off, the laser welding can improve the weld strength and high temperature performance.

3, the automotive industry

In the late 1980s, the kilowatt class laser was successfully applied in industrial production, and now the laser welding production line has appeared in the automobile manufacturing industry, which has become one of the outstanding achievements in the automobile manufacturing industry. German Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Sweden Volvo European automobile manufacturing plant early in the eighties of the 20th century pioneered the use of laser, roof, body, a side frame and welding sheet metal welding, the 1990s GM, Ford and Chrysler unexpectedly the laser welding into automobile manufacturing, despite a late start, but the development soon. Italy's Fiat in most of the steel components of the welding assembly by laser welding, Japan's Nissan, Honda and Toyota Motor Corp. in manufacturing autobody panel use laser welding and cutting processes, high strength steel laser welding fittings because of its excellent performance in the automobile body manufacturing used more and more, according to the American metal market statistics, to the end of 2002, laser welding structural steel consumption will reach 70000t than in 1998 increased 3 times. According to the characteristics of large volume and high degree of automation of the automobile industry, the laser welding equipment is developed to the high power and multi direction. In terms of technology at Sandia National Laboratories and PrattWitney joint in laser welding is added in the process of metal powder and metal wire research, German outfit Werder Bremen application beam techniques where the use of laser welding of aluminum alloy car body skeleton aspects were a lot of research, think in the weld add filled more than help to eliminate the hot crack and improve the welding speed, solve the problem of tolerance, to develop the production line has in the Mercedes Benz plant put into production.

4, electronic industry

Laser welding has been widely used in the electronics industry, especially in the micro electronics industry. Because the laser welding heat affected zone small heating concentrated rapidly, thermal stress is low, and is integrated circuit, and semiconductor device shell package, showing the unique superiority, in the development of vacuum devices, laser welding has also been applied, such as molybdenum focusing electrode and stainless steel supporting ring, fast thermal cathode filament assembly etc.. Sensor or a temperature controller in elastic thin-walled corrugated sheet has a thickness in 0.05-0.1mm, using the traditional welding methods are difficult to solve, TIG welding to welding wear, poor stability of plasma, factors affecting more than the use of laser welding effect is good, widely used.

5, biomedical

Biological tissue by laser welding began in the seventies of the 20th century, Klink and jain[13] by laser welding the success of fallopian tube and blood vessel welding and displayed the superiority of, make more research attempts to welding a variety of biological tissue, and extended to other organizations of welding. Laser welding of neural current domestic and foreign research mainly concentrated in the laser wavelength, dose and dose on functional recovery and laser solder selection aspects of, Lu Tongjun laser welding based on the basic research of small blood vessels and skin and rat bile total tube is welded on. Suture method and the traditional methods of laser welding, laser welding has fast anastomosis, no foreign body reaction in the process of healing, keep the welding parts of the mechanical properties, tissue repair according to its original biomechanical properties of growth advantages will in the future of biomedical get more extensive application.

6, other areas

In other industries, laser welding also increases gradually especially in special welding materials in China have done a lot of studies. As of BT20 titanium alloy, HEl30 alloy, Li ion batteries, such as laser welding, the German glass machinery manufacturer GlamacoCoswig company and IFW bonding material technology and Experiment Research Institute to develop a for flat glass laser welding technology.

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