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Now more and more with the use of the laser welding machine, in large U. S. we will see made of laser weapons of mass destruction is very amazing, for something uncommon laser the I in our daily life we will feel unfamiliar and difficult to understand, in fact, the excitation light is not so mysterious things. The following small series on the laser welding machine in the laser welding of some of the problems often appear:

The welding machine is equipped with 1 computer systems for detecting welding process and welding quality. 3 high resolution dedicated CCD image head, can reflect the welding area in the welding process before and after welding, the results show that in the QCDS system display. In addition, there are 6 important welding parameters are copied and displayed, PC machine has 40GB hard disk can store the latest 1000 welding data. PC machine with CD-RM driver.

Common fault analysis:

(1) information and alarm

The received and sent information and alarm signals are displayed on the monitor screen, and note the date and time. Information is colored, confirmed after discoloration. Can store 1000 messages.

(2) welding machine function monitoring

The function of the welding machine (such as: moving and adjusting) real-time monitoring, and record the real-time error state. For example: the limit switch is not subject to instructions, the limit switch is not started.

(3) fault state

In manual operation, the fault condition is displayed if a device is started without effect.

(4) in the MHI auxiliary picture, has the welding machine to enter the automatic procedure control to cut into the way to explain the document. When the switch is successful, the Auto button flashes; when the switch is not successful, the Auto button will display the status of the fault.

Six laser welding machine maintenance and maintenance of the main contents are as follows

1) laser generator to the work environment requirements are relatively high, it must first carefully recorded and check on the outside temperature, humidity, and air pollution; secondly on laser gas purity and mixing proportion to rein in, check the gas consumption.

2) laser transmission system to ensure that all parts of the installation firm, no loose; a variety of protective gas joints must not leak, the nozzle can not be blocked. The drive part of the focus adjustment device should be guaranteed good lubrication and regular inspection of the wear of the transmission parts.

3) double cut shear maintenance first to ensure good lubrication of the parts, and to guide each lining board carry out regular inspections, wear ultra poor to be replaced in a timely manner; regularly check the oil cylinder's leakage and the performance indicators, regular replacement of scissors.

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