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China. Shenzhen Minglei laser is laser wisdom made equipment in the global leading supplier, in industrial 4.0, "Moses made in China" the prosperity and development of the drive, Lei Ming laser is located in Fu Yongli, Baoan District, Shenzhen new North Road No. 2 officially put into use, to cope with the growing business demand. On the morning of April 24, pleasant spring, door ribbon fluttering Shenzhen City Ming radium laser equipment Co., Ltd., in a festive and peaceful atmosphere, Minglei laser new office building a new plant opening ceremony in Shenzhen Baoan District Li Bei Lu Xin, Lei Ming laser Office held a grand.

Company executives, representatives of local government departments, representatives of research institutions, customers, media, suppliers, peer friends, company staff, such as more than 100 people attended the ceremony.

Morning at 9:30 a.m., company in front of the opening ceremony, the chairman of the board of directors of the company Wang Yusheng and general manager Wang Zhiwei, inaugurated the Lei Ming laser.

In the ceremony, general manager Mr. Wang Zhiwei passion surging proposed a stage of the new company philosophy: (laser Ming Lei, from the "heart" to start), Ming radium laser and give you more suitable, and the company in the next 5 years of planning, and laser market future development trend forecast and so on.

The celebration culminated at 9:58 divided, with the host of countdown, six guests in the ribbon cutting ceremony completes the ribbon cutting, at this time, clapping, salute Qiming, perfect celebration end.

The relocation of the new plant, the company was established in 2005 than the size of the scale expanded 5 times, 1 times more than in 2015, including three 1 storey office building and three 1 storey building. All kinds of assembly workshop, process room, test center, engineering technology R & D center are doubled.

Laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking equipment and intelligent automation complete set of equipment for Shenzhen Ming laser equipment Co., ltd.. To provide customers with the most suitable products and solutions to the world to pass the power of laser wisdom, is the Ming laser business philosophy and ultimate mission. At this point, in the Ming laser completed the first ten years of the layout, will continue to be stable development, continuous service in the Chinese manufacturing enterprises, to provide customers with suitable, reliable, high-quality products and services.

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