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With the "Chinese wisdom made" and "Industry 4.0" startup companies are committed to a variety of technical innovation in a changing market, not have their own core technology enterprises to survive it will be extremely difficult.

Ming laser radium established from 2004, has been committed to the production of laser equipment, research and development and sales, with a younger core technical team in technological innovation have been walking in the forefront of the industry, 15 years of research and development in laser radium-ming continuous efforts under the Ministry, to overcome a number of technical difficulties, and finally at the end of time - Ming radium laser tube laser cutting machine advent of new friends! In the technical aspects of it are beyond many other pipe laser cutting machine. Debut 16 years Machinery Exhibition in Shenzhen in April to obtain a high degree of concern.

Let us work together to uncover the mystery:

The new tube laser cutting machine Photo:


  Tube laser cutting machine laser radium-ming professional precision cutting machine pipe industry developed, adapted to the pipe, the pipe is cut and shaped tube of a type, not limited to the length of the tubes, a high degree of automation, directly into the three-dimensional graphics, automatic recognition cutting path, high-speed precision machining. According to customer requirements in accordance optional automatic loading and unloading systems. The system supports background remote operation.


1, all-through CNC rotary chuck, through large diameter pipes, the largest circle diameter 85mm.

2, Innovation Design secondary circulating feed system, a longer cut mosaic graphics within a limited range of travel.

3, the integration of cutting systems, automated high-intensity, fast dynamic response.

4, with multiple different auxiliary gas input, high and low pressure and automatic conversion of different gases.

Equipment Application:

Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, gold, silver, aluminum, and other metal pipe. Adapted to the sheet metal, metal parts, doors, windows, kitchen utensils, handicrafts metal pipe industry

Technical Parameters:

Laser type Fiber Laser

Laser power 500W / 1000W

Cutting diameter pipe 85mm square tube 60x60mm

Cutting thickness up to 3.0mm thickness

Cutting width 0.05mm - 0.2mm

Cutting speed ≤10m / min

Cutting accuracy ≤0.2mm

Cooling water

Cutting Pressure Requirements 0.2 - 1.5 Mpa (oil-free air compressors and air dryers)

The maximum electric power 6KW

Power supply 380V / 50HZ 60A

Device dimensions W 1400mm × H 2000 mm × D 41000mm

Weight 2600Kg

Optional matching dust recovery purification system

Equipment effective stroke 2000mm

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