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Fiber laser marking machine is now widely used in the metal industry, the non-metal industry and special industry category marking applications, which are the most widely used laser marking jewelry, energy-saving lamps laser marking, laser fasteners standard capacitance aluminum laser marking, laser marking sand round piece, laser marking and other auto parts, more of the fiber laser marking machine marking is applied to eggs marked above, you can see fiber laser marking machine charm lies. ? So we know that a fiber laser marking confidential number of accessories consisting of radium-ming, do the following small series which is to say an important part of this fiber laser marking machine are:

1, the fiber laser: a laser element is produced, with rare earth doped laser glass fiber as the gain medium, so that the entire fiber laser marking machine part of the core. Fiber lasers wide range of applications, laser fiber-optic communications, laser distance space communications, shipbuilding industry, automobile manufacturing, and so on. Its brands are made in China also imported.


2, galvanometer: the so-called galvanometer and can be called ammeter meter, because it is completely in accordance with design ideas ammeter design methods, just replace the lens hands; it is mainly used for laser marking, laser engraving and so on; at present fiber laser marking machine galvanometer is typically 10mm digital galvanometer spot.


3, field lens: Also called flat-field focusing mirror, scanning lens, F-θ lens, mainly for the galvo out the light gathered on a plane. Tips: In the time of purchase to pay attention to instructions marking range, determined according to their needs, do not blindly seek large, do not blindly pursue price.


4, marking card: also called laser controller, laser marking card. It is used to draw us inside the computer and other text pattern is converted into analog signals or digital signals, and then spread inside the galvanometer.


5, a red indicator: also known as the red pen to indicate the optical path, because invisible laser 1064nm, 650nm and the red indicator light is visible through the light beam combining mirror 650nm and 1064nm light coincidence, so 650nm light indication where, 1064nm light on where this indicates the optical path to achieve the role. Red pen red light beam combiner mounted inside the frame.


6, the beam combiner mirror: also called together by light microscopy. Beam combiner mirror effect: used to indicate the optical path. Because the 1064nm laser is invisible, but in the actual marking process, we often need to know the position at which the laser focal point, and thus be able to determine the marking positions.


7, fiber marking machine cabinet: Also called fiber laser marking machine cabinets, laser control cabinet. If a marking machine compared to a house, then the cabinet is the framework of the house, all the other parts are mounted on the inside of the house.


8, Industrial Computer: You can also use an ordinary computer, the optical fiber marking machine, because it is a USB card marking marking card, which you can also use a laptop computer, which is made of fiber marking function Portable marking one important reason for the machine.


In addition to the above these, as well as fiber laser marking machine fiber laser power, the total power control box (if it is a portable marking machines generally do not install this, the bigger is equipped with a good), red beam combiner frames .

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