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Laser welding technology is currently following the electronics, computers, semiconductors, after a great invention, not only performance, but also is widely used, both now and in civilian areas, as well as military or industrial areas, the figure has laser applications. Can say that the application of laser technology everywhere is changing our lives, let us get rid of some of the traditional processing problems, creating more high-quality service and products to us for processing applications now inject new impetus. With the increasing popularity of laser application technology, and the development of related industries is now, and now the application of space technology laser unprecedented growth in the area of the current high-tech electronics, automobile manufacturing lead, precision machining is widely used, while the traditional processing field, there are also more and more to the use of laser technology now.

   Laser welding technology relies on laser welding equipment to achieve, laser welding equipment is very sophisticated machine, do require regular maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the machine, then how maintenance of laser equipment it? Not a professional technical staff to maintain laser welding equipment do? This has been our concern, in fact, no professional skills can also carry out maintenance of the laser equipment, here we take a brief look at some of the simple maintenance access simple laser welding equipment!

  First, check the condensation phenomenon


In the process of laser welding equipment for maintenance of, in particular, should often at higher temperatures or more humid environment operations laser welding equipment inspection, especially laser welding torch to the cooling water pipe or a laser in operation condenser chamber at any time of the attention and observation, to see whether there is the phenomenon of condensation on these devices appear to explain the phenomenon of condensation water temperature is too low, can easily lead to decreased output power can not even light, which is in use to pay special attention. If condensation occurs the phenomenon of time, to immediately stop the use of laser welding equipment, after strong moisture condensing surface until completely dry during use.


Second, check the spot


Laser welding equipment for personnel operating the equipment used in the process, often on the spot checks, may be used as the black paper to check the output of the laser spot, if we find the energy spots or uneven decline phenomenon appeared, shall promptly gun laser cavity effectively adjusted to the beam quality of the laser output will be to ensure that role.


Third, to ensure the purity of the cooling water


Cooling water purity and to ensure the life of the laser output frequency of the laser condenser chamber assembly has a great influence and role, therefore, in the use of laser welding equipment, it should be internal recirculating water conductivity of the weekly frequency of inspections to ensure that their electrical conductivity can be kept 30.5MW / cm, and the cooling system of the ion exchange column at any time change the color of the attention and observation, if found in the resin exchange column color changes, becoming dark brown or black when the resin is to be immediately replaced to ensure proper use of laser welding equipment.


Fourth, component inspection


In order to ensure that the laser welding device is capable of operating in a normal state, carried out two weeks after work or to stop using the machine for some time when, before turning on the various components of the machine should be checked for each of the optical components are examined in order to find out whether or mildew dust pollution and other unusual circumstances exist, should be promptly resolved and dealt with if the abnormal situation, so that each optical component can be a normal operation.


Five, circuit protection


Protection interlock circuit laser welding equipment to be checked, because the machine's cooling system is designed for laser equipment for the development of the alarm system can be implemented for linkage and other measures to protect the flow switch in the use of the process should be kept on the circuit to be checked and protection to ensure the effective circuit functions normally, you can change the water when the machine to be checked.

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