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May 18, 10 am golf friendly cross-strait industrial laser in Air Hong Kong kicked off the golf course. The Golf Friendly jointly organized by the Guangdong Association of Laser, Laser Technology Application Association of Taiwan, Shenzhen Ming Lei Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Co-organizers light rhyme, star of the ball and other media.

As a set of fun and enjoy the natural physical exercise in one of the recreational sports, golf has been a subject of financial intelligence elite's favorite. The golf friendly cross-strait elite gathered a laser. We talked about the development of laser industry friends with the ball.

First, share events

12:30 separate ball ceremony started, more than participating players started competing in place.

Perfect arc, elegant swing. This is not only an elegant recreational sports, but also reflects a state of mind.

Second, the Awards Dinner

After more than five hours of competition, the activities to the most exciting moment, Mr. Lei, general manager of Shenzhen Ming Wang Zhiwei laser company for the golf tournament and the top three Gross Longest Drive, Nearest to the Pin Award and other award winners.

At the dinner and many friends from different countries, we are gathered here, friends with the ball, the ball consultation.

Finally a group photo to keep this beautiful moment, but also indicates that the laser industry cross-strait exchanges will be more closely. Watching friends get enough to face international, you know we have a satisfactory harvest.

So far, this is the perfect golf friendlies ended!

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