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"China International Battery Seminar / Exhibition (CIBF)" is a regular meeting of international battery industry by the Chinese Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, held every two years in China, is an international battery industry's largest exhibition. CIBF is China battery industry's first registered trademark protected by an international convention. Following the June 18, 2014 to 20 days successfully held the "Eleventh China International Battery Seminar / Exhibition (CIBF2014)" at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, the Chinese chemical and physical power industry association is scheduled for May 2016 24 to 26, held an unprecedented scale "twelfth China international battery Seminar / Exhibition (CIBF2016)" in Shenzhen.

Ming laser radium after the 10th Asian International Exhibition of laser wisdom made, and ready to go to Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Because this will usher in an unprecedented event - the China International Battery Seminar / Exhibition (CIBF). In May, the sun, the laser radium-ming and look forward to new and old customers again encounter.

Show time: 24-26 May 2016

Booth: Hall 9 9T76

Venue Address: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Booth renderings:

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