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The reason why laser light known as magic, because it has four characteristics common light completely available.

  1. The direction is good - ordinary light (sun, incandescent or fluorescent) emitting in all directions, and the light-emitting direction of the laser can be limited to less than a few mrad solid angle, which makes on the irradiation direction of illumination increased ten million times. Laser alignment, orientation and distance is to use good direction this feature.

  2. High brightness - the brightest contemporary laser light source, only hydrogen bomb instantly strong flash to comparable with it. Sunlight brightness is about 103 W / (cm 2 steradian), and the output light intensity of a high-power lasers by sunlight was up 7 to 14 orders of magnitude. Thus, although the total energy of the laser is not necessarily great, but due to the high concentration of energy, it is prone to hypertension and tens of thousands or even millions of degrees Celsius temperature at a tiny point. Laser drilling, cutting, welding and laser surgery is the use of this feature.

  3. The color is good - light is an electromagnetic wave. The color of light depends on its wavelength. The light emitted from ordinary light usually contains a variety of wavelengths, is mixing the various colors of light. Sunlight contains red, board, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple seven colors of visible and infrared light, ultraviolet light is not visible. While some laser wavelength, only concentrated in a very narrow spectral band or frequency range. Such as He-Ne laser wavelength of 632.8 nm wavelength range of less than one ten thousandth nm. Because of monochromatic laser light, good for precision instruments to measure and motivate certain chemical reactions and other scientific experiments provide a very favorable means.

  4. coherence is good - is a property of interference fluctuation phenomena. Based on laser characteristics with high directivity and high color, and it must coherence excellent. This feature makes the laser holographic reality. - The so-called laser technology, is to explore the development of various methods of generating a laser and exploring these general characteristics of laser technology for the benefit of mankind. Since 1960 the United States successfully developed the world's first ruby laser, China has also successfully developed the first ruby laser in domestic since 1961, laser technology is considered the 20th century, following the quantum physics, radio technology, nuclear technology, semiconductor technology, electronics another major new scientific and technical achievements in computer technology later. 30 years, laser technology has been rapid development, not only the development of a wide variety of individual characteristics of the laser and laser applications continue to expand, and the formation of a laser disc player, a laser medical treatment, laser processing, laser holography, laser illumination printing , laser printing, and laser weapons and a series of new industries. The rapid development of laser technology, making it one of today's new technological revolution "leading technology."

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