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Fiber optic transmission laser welding machine is more high-tech equipment on a laser welding machine, it is the use of high-energy laser beam is coupled into the fiber, transmission distance, and then use the collimator lens into parallel light collimated laser beam is focused on the workpiece. In case of welding parts welding is generally difficult to match to the problem, using a flexible transmission fiber transmission laser welding, with greater maneuverability.

1. You can realize thin-walled material and precision parts spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding, seal welding and the like.

2. Because the laser power, welding technology has a good aspect ratio, small deformation, welding speed.

3. This is a good quality welding personnel for all to see, smooth, non-porous.

4. The user-friendly design, LCD, keypad of the operation, allowing the operator to be able to complete the work easier.

5. table with rotatable system can not only spot welding, but also to complete a straight line welding, automatic welding circumferential welding, etc., using a wide range, high precision and speed.

6. You can adjust any change in current waveform to set different parameters depending on the welding consumables, welding parameters and welding to achieve the best match the requirements of the final welding results.

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