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Plastic laser marking machine, generally refers to carbon dioxide laser marking machine to play. General laser marking on metal and nonmetal marking is very broad, laser marking machine can be applied to numbers, text, trademarks, or machine-readable code, such as having a high information density, different size arranged in a tight space data matrix codes. But the subject of two dozen properties in the plastic You do not know it!

    Ming radium following Xiaobian to introduce you to:

1, precision marking: laser is a diode-pumped laser with high energy efficiency. And metal marking machine as also having a good ability to focus, making it ideal for fine marking. Diode-pumped solid laser with high beam quality, so that the process of marking the laser beam to obtain a small focus diameter. This can be achieved in small parts small precision marking track width microns.

2, the absorption characteristics of adaptation: for marking lasers typically produce radiation in the infrared wavelength range. Green lasers and ultraviolet lasers for plastics and semiconductor materials. In the laser engraving machine special marking applications, the use of UV wavelengths, creating a laser marking on plastic new possibilities. Short wavelength directly and plastic composites photochemical reactions, without heating, thereby not generating material damage; the plastics industry laser marking machine has come to an irreplaceable role!

For now, plastic marking applications, the potential of the laser is far from played out. Laser cutting cloth had this on top with some applications, but did not enhance development, leading to the collapse, in addition to the benefits mentioned above, the frequency-doubled lasers and laser frequency tripling growing promotion, as well as materials and processes combination of diversity, is for laser applications in the plastics industry to develop more new areas. Laser marking machine plastic marking, in addition to free supplies, pollution-free, but also has speed, good marking effect, strong security features, widely welcomed by the business.

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