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Laser marking machine is a laser beam in a variety of material surface marked with a permanent marker. If the laser marking machine unit light could not hit the mark that we want, how to deal with laser marking machines are not at fault light it? Following small talk about the five kinds of processing techniques, we hope to give to some help.

1, first to check if the operating laser marking machine failures, and if so, was after shutdown, reboot try.

2, careful look, laser marking equipment anything unusual. Abnormal mainly include the following: voice at work, such as the sound vibration of the lens, the control box sound, sound alarm device itself, as well as the semiconductor laser chiller marker of the alarm sound, etc; abnormal voltage, simple use a multimeter to measure the general low voltage, it also can lead to no laser; computer software and computer whether there is the phenomenon of poisoning, slow boot, and the boot parked in a long time to move about the interface.

3, under the premise of the problem is not confirmed in front of two kinds, open the laser cavity using dimming pieces in the open laser premise, look at the laser output mouth if laser output. If you have a laser, then the problem is confined to the following accessories: galvanometer, beam expander, a red beam combiner mirror, the field lens out of the question. If no laser proceeds to the next step.

4, if the step is not a laser so there are two possible, first laser may be a problem, the second is to control the laser signal there is a problem, then this step is to determine the above-mentioned two possible, check the input signal laser. If there is a laser signal is a problem, if no signal is the next step.

5, the last step there are two problems may signal possible, one marking card no signal output, the second output signal line is a problem, such as broken or have poor resistance welding. Then this step is the marking card output signal appears on the lead two lines, using a multimeter test leads to the two lines are not output.

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