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Now construction, household, medical, chemical, household, electronics, instrumentation, nuclear engineering and other fields are widely used in glass products. Glass has a fragile characteristic, and therefore the surface of the glass article engraving, high technological requirements. Laser marking machine is non-contact processing, processing time is short, marking fine lines, it is suitable for use in the glass material surface patterns or text information marks. Laser marking on glass in the following ways.

Multiple laser irradiation
The use of laser radiation forming a contour evident marks on the glass surface, a few days after the original laser marking extends to the vicinity of the outer fragmented, then several times with the radiation, so that the marking area adjacent to the area to be heated by heat conduction, so that these regions stress gradient, thus reducing the possibility of secondary rupture, this method is very effective in marking on soda lime glass and borosilicate glass. Contained liquid medicament small glass bottles, glass life can use this method of marking.
Discrete points form a cyclic crack method
Using a series of cyclic crack formation text, bar codes, square or rectangular shape code and other code patterns. Crack use this method generally used CO2 laser marking machine more, CO2 laser marking machine marking a set coding parameters generated by the glass is relatively small. Discrete point appears to form a cyclic crack. Glass crack generation density by cyclic heating and cooling cycles. Produce expansion around the glass is heated extrusion material, when the temperature rises to a glass softening temperature, the glass dome of the rapid expansion of the formation of a convex glass surface density of the material.
The use of CO2 laser marking machines, businesses can mark on the glass surface fine design patterns, royalty grade glass.
Crack-like surface cracks law
Using heating and cooling process, the glass surface by the effect of changes, this method is not immediately able to see, it is a little pressure after the turtle-shaped cracks began to produce along the laser marking zone. Crack-like surface of the glass with safety glass not only sexual, but also play a non-transparent Binglie effect, it is widely used in interior decoration, such as partitions, backdrop, can also be used in glass furniture, popular among consumers.
Online laser marking machine marking glass
The laser beam can be formed very fine, for fine marking on glass, any complex text, graphics, images, trademarks, LOGO, bar codes, two-dimensional code, batch number, autographs, etc., can marking by laser machine to complete.

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