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Many customers may be in the selection of the above, there will be many such questions, then Xiaobian to tell you, fiber laser cutting machine is your best choice, why? The following small series briefly explain:
Fiber laser cutting machine, fiber optic transmission, degree of flexibility than ever before, fewer points of failure, easy maintenance, fast and less so when cutting thin 4mm fiber cutting machine has a great advantage; but influenced by the solid-state laser wavelengths it is poor quality when cutting slabs. Fiber laser cutting machine, laser wavelength of 1.06um, easily absorbed by the non-metallic, non-metallic materials it can not cut. Fiber laser photoelectric conversion rate up to 25% advantage in electricity consumption, supporting cooling system and other aspects of the optical fiber is fairly obvious.
YAG fiber laser cutting machine and laser cutting machine Contrast:
1. The scope of work: not only contain fiber laser cutting machine cutting speed and area YAG cutting machine, the cutting quality goes to the next level;
2. The fiber laser cutting machine with low power to high power effect, reducing the cost of cutting, with low power consumption, high efficiency.
3. To achieve the operation and maintenance of significant
4. The main advantage of the presence of fiber cutting machine and its transmission medium and the light source; fiber laser diode as a light source is, the optical fiber as a transmission medium to transmit energy without loss to the laser cutting head.
   Fiber laser cutting machine and laser cutting machine Co2 comparison:
1. maintenance costs, huge maintenance costs CO2 laser cutting machine, not only before the mirror rear mirror is expensive, and the turbine bearing life of only 8,000 hours, and replacement costs of 8 yuan per pair. However, fiber laser cutting machine maintenance, and basically had no supplies, but also capable poor working conditions, dust, vibration, shock, humidity, temperature has a high tolerance.
2. The processing costs to compare, not only generated when the CO2 laser cutting machine processing gas consumption, and a photoelectric conversion rate of only 8% -10%. Fiber laser cutting machine does not require any other processing of consumption, and its photoelectric conversion rate can reach 30%, more energy saving.
3 from the technical aspects to compare, the laser structure CO2 laser cutting machine complex, high maintenance costs, but also in the processing of large beam divergence is not suitable for large-format processing. While cutting seam relatively small, but in the processing of thick plate is very slow. However, the characteristics of the laser fiber laser cutting machine embodied in a small, intensive, high-brightness and high conversion rate, processing in terms of the sheet, the same power fiber laser cutting machine CO2 ratio of 2-3 times higher cutting speed, smooth cutting section.
Allegedly fiber laser cutting machine has been able to quickly gain a firm foothold in the market and gradually replace the traditional cutting process, precisely because of its various advantages in technology for the realization of finished products provide the necessary technology.

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