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n fact, everyone on the laser marking machine is still relatively understanding, simply means that through the energy of the laser marking is achieved in the workpiece surface, marking the effect is relatively good. However, if the laser marking unit does not operate properly, or is unaware of them, then the operation will affect the marking effect, which is one of the most critical is the heating temperature and the molding pressure control, if both control bad then marking not reach our desired effect.

First, if the heating temperature is too low, the molding pressure is too small, then there will be a partial marking pattern is not clear, or pattern bleak situation, the effect of this work will cause a great impact. Then we need to do is to adjust the heating temperature and the molding pressure and ensure a uniform thickness of molded panels, molded sheet thickness to reduce the error, the error should be controlled within the thickness of 0.001mm, so that you can avoid marking less effective problem.

Second, if the molding temperature is too high or too slow, so the effect will appear white marking situation, which is not permitted by marking, so we need to do is continue to adjust the speed and temperature of the mold, thereby to improve the marking effect is not in perfect condition.

Ming Lei laser Summary: correct operation of the laser marking machine is able to ensure the marking effect on the impact of the effect of marking to understand the various factors, so as to ensure marking effects. Meanwhile, in order to better ensure the laser marker work, and the marking machine common problems and solutions we also need to be relevant to understanding, so that marking problems when we can faster and better to solve.


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