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Everyone in the purchase of fiber laser marking machine laser equipment, you will find there are many varying scale laser equipment company, and these laser equipment company reported that the price is different, so we in the purchase when I do not know how to start, but do not know which company believes in, but no matter which company, we all should know this truth value for money because of price differences will explain below.

Whether it is an optical fiber or a semiconductor or co2 laser marking machine, the business launched the device to normal use, and are a lot of the same configuration, but differ on the brand. Because different laser equipment is the most important difference caused by laser equipment prices, the laser is the use of glass fiber as a gain medium rare elements, and the formation of a high power density of particles in the broadcasting media conversion work of special applications, after working in other media eventually formed a so-called laser source. This range light source is very annoyed, used in metal and nonmetal marking / welding / cutting and other aspects, as well as industrial manufacturers are a significant advantage.

Quality laser accessories benefits:
A good laser accessories laser device can give the benefits are many, first of all manufacturing and technical support costs are having on the size and cost; good fiber quality as stringent for the intake of light required Crystal Technology the location matches, you can even automatically photoelectric absorption; fiber applications are also on the overall power consumption decreased, so the lower heat loss and the amount of heat and low energy does not cause damage to anything; output energy can be divided into more energy, and increase the coordination line, multi-beam focus on the coordination of the work; for environmental requirements are more affordable, to dust, and temperature tolerance can be competent multiple environments; high conversion rates for energy use and cost savings also have good enough results.

Therefore, when you buy fiber laser marking machine, although the same name, same address, but the price for different reasons. Therefore, in the purchase of equipment, when not just listen to the reasons for the price, from the many to understand.


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