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Laser marking machine is a laser beam evaporation of surface material exposed deep material, the surface material or to make physical changes to achieve the purpose of marking. Laser marking machine and then has what advantage? Ming radium laser Xiaobian to introduce its advantage?
1. Non-contact marking can print any marks in the surface shape of the workpiece does not produce internal stress and deformation of the workpiece after leaving the marking.
2. marking the corresponding materials for a wide range, can marking on metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, paper, leather or different kinds of materials of different hardness and marking effect is very good.
3. The laser marking machine applicability, flexible, can be integrated with other production line equipment, improve the automation of production lines;
4. Identify clear, durable, beautiful, and effective anti-counterfeiting; marking machine replace traditional inkjet printer, no supplies, long life, non-polluting;
5. Low operation cost, fast marking and marking a shape, small energy consumption and low operating costs.
6. greatly improve the processing efficiency in computer-controlled laser beam moving at high speed (speed of 5-7 m / s), the marking process can be completed in seconds.
7. The laser marking machine development speed, due to a combination of laser technology and computer technology, the user as long as the computer programming to achieve laser printer output, and can change at any time print design, replacing the traditional mold making process fundamentally, to shorten the product upgrade cycle and flexible production provides a convenient tool.
8. High precision, fine laser beam can act on the surface of the material, the line width can reach micron level precision machining and increased security features to create a broad application space.
9. Low maintenance cost, non-contact laser marking marking, unlike stencil marking process limited service life, maintenance costs are very low in batch processing.
10. With environmental protection, non-contact laser marking marking, save energy, with respect to the etching method, to avoid chemical contamination; with respect to mechanical marking, can also reduce noise pollution.

Laser marking technology has been widely used in various industries for high quality, efficient, non-polluting and low-cost production of modern processing has opened up broad prospects.

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