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In fact, many users are aware of the very different imported and domestic laser marking machine price, but why is there this situation is not very clear, but imports from people's cognitive output is better than good, it is good where there is between them what difference does it make?

  In fact, many customers are confused! Imported fiber laser marking machine marking out of something homemade like, can also be marking Why import expensive than domestic marking machine fiber laser it!
  In fact, this well-defined! The difference is still there! Said laser bars, imported laser beam quality is better, the spot is relatively small, the quality is certainly something very fine marking appropriate, have an advantage! If it is all imported, then speed galvanometer faster, more stable performance! The fine can be roughened, fine and rough will not change, so the beam is very important! It determines the laser manufacturing process out!
  Nor is it to say, we made fiber laser marking machine no advantage, I am still very supportive of national enterprises, and then under the same kind of speed, the same effect, filling mixed. Domestic or relatively fast. Because the spot is slightly bigger than the import! Domestic fiber laser marking machine is higher than the color on the import of efficiency! Good tune!
  He said that life, in fact, the quality of imports is undeniable, but a few years of domestic fiber laser marking machine do quite stable, with foreign gap not go there! Are theoretically 100,000 hours! Practical application 7--8 years, still work! Select imported or domestic fiber laser marking machine is the most important thing to look at your processes and then later the single!

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