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Before we have a detailed description of a laser which an important part of marking Yes, here we come to talk about fiber laser marking machine where consumable:
Fiber laser marking machine as the most advanced laser marking equipment, most customers by pro-gaze, but also shows fiber laser marking machine Advanced with superiority. But any one item for many years, there is also the internal parts damage.
Mainly by its own defect quartz glass matrix material and transition metal impurities, the influence of light generated in the transmission optical phenomena are contained, scattering loss is generally divided into the absorption loss and dispersion losses. Now I come forth from the three should be how to reduce the loss of more aspects.
First, the consumption of absorption
Loss of this aspect of the core containing metal impurities and OH absorption of light due to a focus on the problem of absorption of IR and UV spectroscopy.
Second, the dispersion of consumption
Dispersion is also a major factor in the loss of the laser, the main waveguide dispersion, material dispersion, mode dispersion due to three reasons. Loss of these three areas is not caused by the same.
Third, scattering consumption
Scattering is marking various materials of different atomic density fluctuations lead to different degrees, and then quickly condensed density unevenness caused by a phenomenon arising.
Fiber laser marking machine loss mainly from the above aspects, everyone in the operating fiber laser marking machine, pay attention to these aspects of the maintenance and repair, enhance the performance of the whole machine is of great benefit.

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