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In the above article, "welding technology revolution" we wrote about the advantages of laser welding of aluminum alloy laser, aluminum products are widely used not only in our lives, in other industries are also widely used. Then the laser welding of aluminum alloy which difficulty is I need to overcome it?

Usually aluminum welding, laser exist several difficulties:

1. Aluminum welding prone to porosity;

2. Aluminum welding is easy to produce hot cracks;

3. Weld linear expansion coefficient, easily lead welding deformation;

4. The aluminum alloy welded joints soften serious, strength, low coefficient, which is the biggest obstacle to hinder the application of aluminum;

5. The alloy surface is easy to produce refractory oxide (A12O3 a melting point of 2060 ℃), which requires the use of high power density welding process;

6. The thermal conductivity of aluminum large (about 4 times stronger than steel), at the same welding speed, heat input welding steel than 2 ~ 4 times.

These are a few difficulties aluminum laser welding, in the following chapter we will analyze in detail how to overcome these technical difficulties.

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