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Aluminum laser welding of high efficiency makes development prospects in it very much looking forward. Therefore, researchers have continued research and development of laser - arc in line with technology, dual-core technology and other new technologies to improve the stability of the welding process, improve weld quality.

In the above chapter we will focus on the difficulties of laser welding of aluminum alloy which, here we talk about the difficulties of these welding solutions from three aspects.

Top form

 As we all know, welding and aluminum welding general carbon steel, stainless steel and other differences, there are many problems to be solved. As we all know, welding and aluminum welding general carbon steel, stainless steel and other differences, there are many problems to be solved. Form at the bottom

A difficulty welding, laser absorption rate of the material

1) take the appropriate surface preparation processes. For example sanding, surface chemical etching, surface plating pretreatment measures. Increase the absorption rate of the laser material.

2) to reduce the spot size, laser power density increases.

3) changing the structure of the welding, the laser beam is formed of multiple reflections in the gap. Easy to weld aluminum

Difficulties welding Second, easy to produce porosity and hot cracking

1) After several welding test and found that adjusting the laser power waveform in the welding process, can reduce the pores collapse unstable, changing the angle of the laser beam and applying a magnetic field in welding, it can reduce the pores generated during welding.

2) When using the YAG laser, the pulse waveform can be adjusted to control the heat input to reduce solidification cracking.

Welding and Difficult, welding process, the mechanical properties of welded joints decreased

Aluminum welding due to the instability generated by the pores, resulting in the mechanical properties of welded joints. Aluminum alloy including Zn, Mg, Lv three elements. When welding aluminum is higher than the boiling point of the boiling point of the other two elements. Therefore, when welding aluminum elements can be added to some of the low boiling point alloying elements, conducive to the formation of small holes, welding firmness.

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