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Currently in the laser tube cutting process of the quality problems are: Part lead cut point burnt, replacement parts and corner over-burning, pipe cutting surface is inclined, and when cutting round parts circle deformed or can not be closed, etc., directly leading to serious waste pipe and cut pipe production inefficiencies. CNC pipe cutting pipe cutting control software technology is exponential control system to provide advanced technology and rich pipe cutting pipe cutting experience, pipe cutting operation by skilled workers using the control system to achieve high-quality, high-efficiency CNC cutting. CNC laser cutting tube tube technology is high-volume, high-efficiency core, high-quality production cutting, CNC pipe cutting CNC pipe cutting system.

Since the pipe cutting pipe cutting process (especially for small diameter side tubes), the slag adhering to the pipe wall, cutting most of the heat generated is absorbed by the workpiece, cutting denser, they tend to cause the pipe overheat, and the corner RHS corners burnt, seriously affecting the quality of the cut, or even can not be cut. Such issues may be:

1, increase the oxygen pressure method.

2, the sharp increase in software synthesis speed.

3, laser cutting height sensor headband servo system can guarantee the cutting process, the cutting nozzle and the workpiece remains constant height of the surface plane (focus change), the cutting effect does not change with the workpiece surface affected.

In response to these proposed solutions, targeted to solve bound improve the efficiency of laser processing equipment, pipe cutting, thus improving the efficiency of low-cut tube, pipe cutting poor quality, causing serious waste pipe problem, improve production efficiency and processing products for enterprises to create a better profit.

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