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Laser cutting is now in the processing industry has been widely used, this processing method is a processing industry in the most current processing Huan. Laser cutting is not only capable of providing a stainless steel pipe processing services, while providing service for cutting sheet metal or other non-metallic materials, such as carbon steel plate, aluminum plate, acrylic (acrylic) and so on. Laser cutting is a high temperature self-generated material surface melting or vaporization method to achieve the purpose of cutting, the cutting process will use the auxiliary gas, the role of the auxiliary gas is to help increase the quality of the cut, but also You can blow away the slag generated during the cutting process.

Since the laser cutting so popular, it and other processing methods, it has many advantages compared to it?

The first advanced processing model, high efficiency after focusing the laser beam as a very fine tool, a metal material may be any finely cut, not produce mechanical compression or mechanical stress, and therefore will not damage the processing objects shape. Fine laser focus beam size after the heat affected zone, not easily deformed. Kerf smooth, beautiful, no post-processing, fine processing, it is possible to complete some of the conventional methods can not achieve the process.

The second low cost, fully automatic, easy to operate 1, 2 speed laser processing, laser cutting machine cutting machine using the "tool" is the focused spot, without adding other equipment and materials, lasers can work simply, 3 can be continuously working for a long time, the laser processing by the computer control, production operations without human intervention.

The third zero backlog of inventory laser processing flexibility, easy change for different customer orders, simply draw the process diagram on the computer, the product can come out immediately, saving conventional mold production costs, and effective avoid producing the same product differentiation, reducing the risk of product backlog.

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