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By content, it is clear that the problem of laser welding machine during operation should be noted that after the failure and learn how to deal with. Of course good equipment also need appropriate maintenance, so as to ensure stable operation, ensure efficiency, and thus bring benefits to the enterprise. Of course, the following questions will not arise in the course, but also a good rainy day, specific issues also need specific solutions.

Laser welding and treatment failure:

    A laser welding machine welding is not deep enough

1) laser energy is not enough, the pulse width can be increased to improve the current resolved.

2) Focus Lens defocus amount is wrong, it should be adjusted to the defocus amount to close to the focal position (but can not have the splash).

Second, laser welding machine welding flame weakened

1) cooling water pollution or no long-term replacement of cooling water, cooling water and clean replacement filter UV glass and xenon lamp can be resolved.

2) focus lenses or laser cavity membrane damage or contamination should be promptly replaced or cleaned.

3) the main optical path of the laser offset, adjust the main optical line of all-trans and half-diaphragm, like the use of paper checks and tune round spot.

4) from the center of the laser focusing head no underlying copper gas nozzle output, adjust the degree of reflection of the diaphragm 45 so that the laser output from the center air nozzle.

5) the shutter is not completely bounced check and add oil on the shutter connector, the connector member can smoothly machinery.

Third, the cracks when welding laser welding machine

1) excessive shielding gas flow can be reduced to protect the flow of gas to resolve.

2) rapid cooling rate of the workpiece, adjust the temperature of cooling water on the fixture, raise the water temperature.

3) the work is not clean, in which case need to clean the workpiece.

4) with the gap between the work piece is too large or there are glitches, should improve the machining accuracy of the workpiece.

Fourth, laser welding machine welding was very dark

1) Protection of gas flow in the wrong direction, the direction of movement should be the direction of airflow and the workpiece opposite shield gas.

2) nitrogen did not open, just open the nitrogen can be resolved.

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