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Fiber laser marking machine is the use of laser beams in a variety of surface materials marked with a permanent marker. Marking effect is exposed deep material by evaporation of surface material, or by light cause physical changes in the surface material and "carved out" signs, or by light burned portion of the material, showing the desired pattern etching , text, bar codes and other graphics.

Enterprise Fiber laser marking machine purpose is to save labor costs and improve productivity, create higher value. So how to enhance the fiber laser marking machine marking speed is what we are more concerned about:

First, the main factors affect the fiber laser marking machine is divided into two factors internal factors and the workpiece.

Internal factors mainly for laser frequency, laser spot mode and beam divergence angle of the laser power, reasonable optical shaping with auxiliary gas during processing of the material. The main internal factors in the early models optional when the attention should follow the advice to buy a laser engineer. Another major factor in the processing needs of customers need to pay attention to, mainly for marking density, marking format, marking the laser spot size and depth.

Second, the marking density

In the case of the same format, the same spot, the same depth, marking the higher the density, the corresponding marking speed will be slower, the reason for the increase in the density of direct marking area.

Third, marking format

Because large format marking galvanometer deflection area increased, so large format marking faster than small-format marking slower.

Fourth, marking depth

According to demand, for the depth of the subject sparring deepened the need for fiber laser marking machine parameters can be adjusted to increase the fiber laser power, current and other factors marker, and therefore these processes affect the marking speed.

Fifth, the laser spot size

The smaller spot corresponding marking the smaller the volume, therefore, the larger the spot, marking faster.

The five points above is to increase fiber laser marking machine marking speed skills, I believe we follow these methods to carry out, to be able to increase the marking speed and create more interest. Of course, some may also enhance the speed fiber laser marking machine is the way we have not found, and we look forward to together find it.

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