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At present, laser welding machine is one of the most commonly used laser processing equipment. Development of laser welding machine industry is getting better and better, and laser welding machine is widely used in various industries, and because of its very good welding efficiency, laser welding machine to replace the traditional welding equipment, and widespread the user's favorite. However, some users because there is no master knowledge point of the laser welding machine, so there is no proper operation good laser welding machine, so greatly reduce the operating efficiency of the laser welding machine, and sometimes even make laser welding machine can not normally use.

Laser welding machine handling:

The first point: before the start of the inspection

To ensure the laser welding machine has been in a normal working condition, after continuous work two weeks or stopped for some time, before turning the first response to the YAG rod, medium diaphragm and lens protection glass and other optical components to be checked to determine the respective optical assembly no dust pollution, mildew and other anomalies, if the above phenomenon should be timely treatment, to ensure that each of the optical components will not be damaged under strong laser irradiation.

The second point: to see whether a "condensation" phenomenon

At higher temperatures or more humid environment, laser welding machine should be run at any time to observe whether there due to the water temperature is too low to produce a "condensation" phenomenon on the cooling water circulation pipe or a laser condenser chamber. "Condensation" appears cause damage YAG crystal end face, resulting in decreased output power can not even light, use must be noted.

The third point: Examine the output spot

The operator can always check the paper as laser spot welding machine output, if it is found uneven spots or energy loss and other phenomena, should be timely adjusted to the resonant cavity, to ensure the quality of the laser output beam black.

Point 4: Check the cooling water purity

The purity of the cooling water is the key to ensure that the laser gun and the laser output efficiency of the condenser chamber component life, the use of recycled water should be checked once within the conductivity weekly, monthly, deionized water must be replaced within one cycle. At any time to observe the color change of the cooling system, the ion exchange column, if it is found in the resin exchange column color turns dark brown or even black, the resin should be replaced immediately.

Any operation of the machine is practice makes perfect, we use laser welding process, once you have a good use of the process should pay attention to matters, I believe we can be more rapid application of laser welding machines, better to go into work .

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