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Laser welding machine welding is good or bad, a large part of the problem is to set the factors of process parameters, then how can we efficiently set of process parameters? Here we take a look at the laser welding process parameters on several key objects:

(1) Power Density

Power density is one of the most critical parameters of laser processing. Choose a higher power density in the microsecond time scale, the surface layer can be heated to the boiling point, vaporization occurs much. Thus, high power density on the information processing removed, such as drilling, cutting, carving advantageous. About low power density, surface temperature reaches the boiling point of the demand experienced a few milliseconds before the vaporization surface, the underlying reach melting point, easy to constitute an outstanding fusion welding. Thus, the conduction type of laser welding, the power density at the scale of 104 ~ 106W / cm2.

(2) the laser pulse waveform

Laser pulse waveform of laser welding is an important issue, particularly with regard to more important sheet welding. When the high-intensity laser beam is emitted to the appearance of information, the metal surface will be 60 to 98% of the energy of the reflected laser light is lost, and the reflectivity of the surface temperature with the change. During a laser pulse in effect, a large change in reflectivity metal.

(3) the laser pulse width

Pulse is one of the important parameters of pulsed laser welding, it is an important parameter to remove the differences in data and information to melt, but also determine key parameters and processing equipment cost and volume.

(4) Effect of defocus amount of welding quality

Since the laser focal spot at the base of the power density is too high, easy transpiration into the hole. On leaving the laser focus of each plane, the power density spread relatively evenly. There are two defocus methods: positive and negative defocus defocus. Focal plane is located above the workpiece is positive defocus, and vice versa for negative defocus. Press the dash optical theory, when the positive and negative plane spaced from the focal plane of the weld flat on a plane corresponding to a power density of approximately the same, but the shape of the pool is actually achieved is not the same. Negative defocus, it can achieve greater penetration, which make up the process bath about.

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