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Laser welding equipment useful in which industries? In recent years, laser welding equipment can be described as comprising the major areas of the automotive industry, electronic industry, these industries almost alchemical material will be used to the advantage of laser welding equipment, laser welding equipment is concentrated energy, non-polluting, small solder joints, can wide welding materials, high applicability, efficient high-speed welding, etc., then what The industry needs to use laser welding equipment?

1, the weld required processing enterprises

Weld required products using laser welding equipment, welding seam is not only small, but also do not need to solder.

2, high automation products

In this case laser welding equipment for welding can be manually programmed path automatically.

3, at room temperature or special conditions of the product

Welding can be performed at room temperature or under special conditions, laser welding equipment is simple to install. For example, a laser through the electromagnetic field, the beam does not shift; laser in a vacuum, air, or a special gas welding environment can and can through a transparent material such as glass welding.

4, some inaccessible parts of the need to use laser welding equipment

Traditional processing methods can be welded inaccessible parts of the implementation of the non-contact remote welding. Especially in recent years in the YAG laser processing technology used in fiber optic transmission technology, laser welding technology has been more widely used.

Today, more and more types of laser welding equipment, a variety of new products are also emerging, led to the development of welding technology upgrading of laser welding equipment, select the corresponding depending on the materials and process requirements is also our laser welding equipment a very important problem in the choice needs to be considered, I believe that there are more and better laser welding equipment in our field of vision in the near future.

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