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Fiber lasers domestic research began in the late 90s, Nankai University in China carried out the first aspect of the fiber laser, followed by Shanghai-ray machines, Chinese soldiers loaded Institute, CLP 11, and other units in this XIOPM Experimental research on many aspects, but these are all basic research in the laboratory stage, far from commercialization. In particular, research on high-performance fiber lasers is relatively small, the work also practical enough, the effect is not very satisfactory. Therefore, it is necessary to further strengthen the study of passively mode-locked fiber laser.

Although technical barriers to a high fiber lasers, but with a number of corporate restructuring laser into the fiber laser market, increase investment in research and development of fiber lasers, future competition will become increasingly fierce. How can the future occupying market advantage, the moment should grasp the future trend of the fiber laser market trends and technological development.

First, improving the performance of the fiber laser itself: how to improve the output power and efficiency, optimize the beam quality, shorten the length of gain fiber, improve system stability and make it more compact fiber laser is the focus of future research in the field.

Second, the development of new fiber lasers: In the time domain, having a smaller duty cycle ultrashort pulse fiber laser mode-locked laser has been a hot area of research, high-power femtosecond pulse fiber laser has been a long-sought The goal. In the frequency domain, and broadband tunable fiber laser output will become a hot topic.

      Fiber lasers also have other advantages: Because the waveguide itself is medium, high fiber laser coupling efficiency of the laser medium; fiber laser can be easily and efficiently present optical fiber transmission system to connect; core to do a very detailed, can achieve high power density ; good thermal properties of the fiber, so fiber lasers with high conversion efficiency and low thresholds; fiber laser output wavelength covers a very wide range, from 400 a 3400nm, to meet the application requirements of all aspects of  in business, communication respect, military, medical and others have good prospects, so fiber laser marking machine is also a huge potential market space. So in the next few years, fiber lasers will have greater development, various manufacturers also face greater competition, but also face competition from imported parts, it is both opportunities and challenges.

Fiber laser is known as the third generation of the most advanced industrial laser processing, but also around the world focus on the development of high-end laser. Its localization and industrialization, will greatly enhance the development level of China's high-end lasers, as well as our high-power CNC laser processing equipment to provide "Chinese Heart", which greatly promote the development of China's laser processing industry. Current stage, we have made some achievements, but in the fiber laser industrialization with foreign advanced level there is a great distance. We should integrate resources, led by the Government to improve the fiber laser industry chain, for the growth of our fiber laser industry to contribute!

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