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Are you still on the machine's hard to remove dirt and trouble? Clean your precision parts are still trying to come up it? With the development of technology to engage, application of laser technology are also high-speed take-off, these previously difficult to solve the problem, after the emergence of laser cleaning technology, it has been not a problem.

Laser cleaning technology is the use of high-energy laser, high-frequency, high-power characteristics, the high-energy moment deposited in a small area, using high-temperature burning of the oxide layer, also known as laser cleaning.

Physical principles of laser cleaning techniques can be summarized as follows:

a) emitted by the laser beam is to be treated contaminated layer absorption.

b) the formation of large energy absorption rapid expansion of plasma shock wave.

c) shock wave pollutants into pieces and removed.

d) optical pulse width must be short enough to avoid thermal damage accumulation surface to be treated.

If the contamination layer is relatively thick, a plurality of pulses required for cleaning. The surface cleaning required depends on the number of pulses and clean surface contamination.

Common treatment methods:

In addition to the metal surface rust emerging laser treatment method, there are several common treatment methods can be divided into four categories:

1, manual descaling method

With a spatula, hand hammer, steel brush, grinding wheels and other tools for knock, shovel, grinding, scraping to get rid of rust and other pollution.

2, the mechanical descaling method

With portable electric wheel, electric brush, brush pneumatic, derusting guns use impact and friction effectively remove rust and dirt. Wider application of the jet and blasting methods.

3, chemical treatment

The use of acid and the metal surface to be cleaned of rust dirt (oxide) chemical reaction, dissolved in acid, the acid addition of hydrogen produced by interaction with the metal oxide also allows the mechanical loss.

4, ultrasonication

The use of high frequency vibration to shake off the rust crisp.

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