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We all know that many companies are now commonly used laser marking machine, processing speed, good effect and other advantages such that it has become the first choice for large processing industry marked Coding. So laser marking machine xenon lamp is how to replace the need to pay attention to what matters it?

Laser marking machine krypton lamp replacement method:

Closed water-cooled machine, laser power. Three open upper portion of the chamber lid, remove to replace the lamp or crystal, into replacement, mounted on the chamber lid. Open water-cooled machine, laser power, laser power supply current is set (15 ~ 20) A mercy. Place 1 small wood chips or black paper between the diaphragm and the first beam expander, you should see the light spot formed by laser ablation. Assuming no, fine adjustment knobs three former film frame until the spot appeared. Three knobs laser debug it, before the adjustment should be repeated so that the diaphragm frame strongest spot, such as a laser is too strong, too high brightness can not be queried, can reduce the supply current. Off the laser power.


Krypton lamp replacement time. Laser krypton lamp factory to illustrate the application of krypton lamp life of 300 hours, but because the user is not using the same conditions, the above-mentioned time and not as a replacement krypton lamp only according to. Along with increased use of time, the krypton lamp luminous power is reduced, the laser output also will be weakened, many users in order to achieve satisfactory laser output power of the laser to increase the current, the krypton lamp emitting enhanced acceleration which makes krypton lamp aging, constitute a vicious cycle, sometimes resulting in the appearance of fried lights. In order to prevent the appearance of this attack, it is recommended by the following process is not resolution should be replaced krypton lamp.

When you put on a new krypton lamp, recording laser power meter marking normal value when, as a standard current value. When krypton lamp gradually aging, increase the laser power supply current output, but the ammeter value should not exceed 1.25 times the standard current value. For example: new krypton lamp marking the current value 20A, use for some time, it is assumed that the current value of 25A to transfer large is still not working after marking, it should be replaced krypton lamp.

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