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We all know that in the process of laser cutting machine cutting material need to use a different auxiliary gas, these various auxiliary gas has its own characteristics and practical use range. The major role of the different auxiliary gas is blown off the slag cutting within the seam, but also the cooling surface processing, to reduce the heat affected zone, cooling the focusing lens, the lens holder to prevent dust contamination into the lens and cause overheating of the lens. Therefore, the choice of the type of assist gas will cut performance, including cutting speed, cutting thickness have some impact.

Following small briefly explain the characteristics of different gases, practical range of uses. I hope you come some help in the use of laser cutting machine Optional auxiliary gas:

(1) O2 laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting steel. O2 reaction heat can not only improve the cutting efficiency of large-format, and oxide film also produce improved beam spectrum reflective material absorption factor. Undercut wall black or dark yellow. Mainly applicable to rolled steel, rolled steel with welded construction, mechanical structure with carbon steel, high tensile version, tool steel, stainless steel, plated steel, copper and copper alloys.


(2) When using a metallic cutting N2 O2, in a cutting surface oxide film is formed, it can be avoided by N2 and the oxide film, oxide-free cut. No oxidation cutting surface having a direct welding, painting, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Undercut wall white. The main application of stainless steel plate, plated steel, brass, aluminum and aluminum alloys.


(3) air compressor air by the air directly, so compared to other gas price is very cheap. Although the air contains about 20% O2, but nowhere near the cutting efficiency and O2, and N2 similar cutting ability. Faceted appears trace oxide film, but as a measure to prevent the shedding of the coating layer. Undercut wall yellow. Mainly suitable materials are aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, brass, galvanized steel and non-metallic.


(4) Ar Ar as the inert gas in the laser cutting machine used to prevent oxidation and nitriding, can also be used in welding. Compared with other processing gas, the higher the price will be a corresponding increase in costs. Undercut wall white. Mainly used materials are titanium and titanium alloy.

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