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We have mentioned above, the auxiliary gas laser cutting machine how to choose, let's look at the core of the fiber laser cutting machine parts What? Domestic fiber laser cutting machine imported most of the core components are assembled, then we will need to understand the core components of the fiber laser cutting machine.

Fiber lasers: it is the core component fiber laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine is cutting operations to achieve "power source." Fiber laser compared with other types of lasers, with higher efficiency, longer life, less maintenance, lower cost and other advantages. ,

Cutting head: laser cutting machine is a laser cutting head output device consisting of a nozzle, the focusing lens and a focus tracking system. Laser cutting machine cutting head according to the specified cutting path to walk, but in different materials, different thickness, different cutting mode, the laser cutting head height adjustment control is required.

Servo motors: servo motor means to control the mechanical operation of the engine components in the servo system, the motor is a kind of indirect subsidy transmission. Can control servo motor speed, position accuracy is very accurate, the voltage signal can be converted to torque and speed to drive the control object. High-quality servo motor to effectively protect laser cutting machine cutting precision, positioning speed and repeatability of positioning accuracy.

Chiller: Chiller cooling device is a laser cutting machine, it can be quickly and efficiently cooled laser, spindle and other devices. Now chiller contains input-output control device and a cooling water flow switch, high and low temperature alarm of advanced features, more stable performance.

Gas supply system: gas systems fiber laser cutting machine mainly include gas source, filtration units and piping. Wherein the gas source has two kinds of bottled gas and compressed air.

Host: bed, beams, table, Z-axis laser cutting machine systems collectively referred to as the host. Laser cutting machine during the cutting, the first workpiece on the bed, then servo motor drive beams, Z axis movement control, the user can adjust the parameters according to their needs.

Control system: the main control machine tools, to achieve X, Y, Z axis movement, but also to control the laser output power.

Power supply: connection between the laser, CNC machine tools and power supply systems. Mainly from the effect of preventing foreign interference in the power grid.

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