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In front of our daily wrote laser welding machine failure analysis, the article referred to some laser welding machine common faults and solutions, but not very comprehensive, there are some common failure is not written in the text, in this article we will add some common problems and solutions, we want to immediately need to use or are already using laser welding machine users to bring some help:

Question 1: Start (power supply), (cooling), the switch is not powered

Solution: Pressure switch is not action, allocated under the exhaust pipe water supply, and then plug in the water supply pipe

Question 2: Light kindle

Solution: Check whether the pre-combustion plate 220V; 3A fuse is good or bad, no good xenon lamp

Question 3: The light was the point, no automatic status light

Solution: Check the large printed board 3A fuse no good; connector loose, operating voltage> 200V

Question 4: Rotary voltage adjustment knob, no indication voltmeter

Solution: Smart thyristor rectifier module damage, faulty surge plates, whether the feedback button closed, the cable is loose

Question 5: work process, not a sudden laser

Solution: Check the pre-combustion plate 3A fuse No good, check for power; the laser cavity to check for leaks

Question 6: work process, the laser intensity is weakened

Solution: Check whether the water leakage in the end face of the laser rod, if you stop and re-tighten the sealing O-rings, and rod end face cleaning and maintenance; focusing lens contamination, cleaning and maintenance. Check the lens is fixed

Question 7: work process, the buzzer sounds, and soon power, cooling water temperature exceeds the upper limit temperature

Solution: Check the outer loop water valve is open and water is smooth

Solid-state laser laser welding machine in use for some time, there will be attenuation of laser energy becomes weak, replace xenon lamps generally can be, this is normal, not a fault. Failures and above are for reference only and self-test. If you encounter problems with laser welding, but it is not know if the machine is best to ask a professional service personnel would be better. If he can solve should also pay attention to safety, careful not to cause more damage to the machine. For example, after replacing the xenon lamp, sometimes we need to clear the condenser chamber, if you are using a ceramic condenser cavity, then it will be very fragile, so the cleaning process must be a little careful Oh, after all, a ceramic condenser cavity laser welder is reflected in not cheap.

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