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Laser marking machine for industrial applications has been extremely widespread, the face of numerous laser equipment and how to choose the right affordable laser equipment? Today, we talk about how to choose the right appeal laser marking machine equipment.

A laser marking machine Optional principles should be followed:

Laser marking technology has many valuable features. However, specific to a product in the end is suitable for using this technology, we should follow the following principles:

1, with other existing methods can not be solved, only the method of laser processing can be resolved;

2, with other conventional processing methods can be solved, but if the use of the laser processing method can greatly improve product quality, increase productivity and significantly increase the economic and social benefits;

3, to give full consideration to those that match the part of the processing flow associated with laser processing;

4, should pay attention to the application of laser machining and conventional machining of composite processing techniques to take advantage of their respective strengths;

5. In practice, if the economy is not tight, it is recommended to buy imported configuration because some domestic technology is mainly the configuration of the machine stable performance overseas, and maintenance less, greatly enhance the efficiency wage.

Second, the choice of the specific requirements of the laser when:

1, the laser beam output of good quality, including stability of the model and mold;

2, laser output power is large (which is the key of speed and effectiveness) enough, whether energy stability (stability is normally required 2 percent, in some cases requires 1%, the desired effect so as to be processed);

3, the laser should have high reliability, it should be capable of continuous operation in harsh industrial processing environments;

4, the laser itself should have good maintenance, fault diagnosis and chain functions, downtime is shorter;

5, easy to operate, features a clear control keys, you can reject an illegal operation and protect the laser from damage. In addition, the price factor is also a key consideration.

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