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Domestic laser industry has developed rapidly, with new companies emerge, industry mergers reshuffle intensified, and a large part of the enterprise competition on a number of relatively low-tech products, more competitive. Someday, the laser industry will probably like many traditional industries, as a saturated industry, overproduction. In order to survive, among peers irrational, the price war, with "fire-sale", "cut-throat price" desperately compete for the market, so the market becomes what economists call the "Red Sea market." Ming radium laser has felt the threat. For example, radium laser developed Ming laser welding machines, 2 years, the price fell from $ 200,000 to $ 60,000 profit completely gone. Ming radium laser in order to build a corporate brand, to create a hundred years old, it must rely on technology research and development progress, itself from the competition in the Red Sea, continue towards fewer competitors blue ocean market.

In 2012, radium-ming, the company's main direction of the laser turned on the laser cutting machine. The device in addition to different technical requirements, capital investment, the threshold is high on the project. Therefore, this area is generally beyond the reach of small businesses. Can on this project, indicating whether technical or financial companies all have considerable strength. In contrast, the intensity of competition in this area be smaller blue ocean market.

The project started a little underestimated the burn speed. Just a project invested hundreds of million yuan of funds, but not necessarily be able to produce a satisfactory machine. This year, the company also developed two machines, has invested several million dollars, doing doing no money. Machine touches initially completed, but some do not trust the quality of the machine. How to do? Both machines have customer orders, and paid the deposit. If delivery is passable. To say the least, if the machine is found defective, the company can also provide good service to help solve the problem. But general manager Wang Zhiwei believes that certain technical aspects of the two machines is not completely cross the border to sell such a device is not assured. He decided to refund the deposit, the machine does not sell. This time Wang Zhiwei has a very high value the company's reputation and cherish the company's signs. Ming radium laser Tolerance in this area for some time and continue to work on research and development, skills.

Since the scope of application of laser cutting technology is very wide, the market is large enough. So enter the field of industry, the company slowly increased recently. Laser cutting machine's core technology is the use of high-power fiber laser power ranging from 500 watts to 2500 watts. Most companies focus on "large-format cutting", the cutting of this because of the greater market share. Compared to traditional kinds of metal cutting technology, laser cutting more accurate and precise. Therefore, many manufacturers from Fitch's laser cutting machine is "precision cutting." But general manager Wang Zhiwei opinion, this "large format cutting" can only be regarded as "rough cut." He decided to specialize in laser radium-ming, "precision cutting" Cutting area is smaller, the laser beam is finer, more sophisticated processing. In his view, we are able to do more sophisticated, technical requirements even higher, more difficult, to achieve the technical standards competitors will be less. The idea in line with the "Blue Ocean market" requirement.

2013, Ming Lei began to laser technology research and development of new sprint. More advanced technology research and development, implies the need for greater investment. The company enough money to own mortgage loans 3 million yuan investment in research and development, the goal is to overcome the cutting technical ceramics, sapphire and other superhard materials. After a painstaking technical research, prototype development out. Tested on ceramic, achieved very good results. Then, under the leadership of general manager Wang Zhiwei began pondering how to use the technology cut sapphire. Sapphire, alumina, titanium, iron and other chemical components, is a generic term for other color gem corundum except ruby. Sapphire has a hardness of 9, second only to diamonds. Due to the high hardness of sapphire, never worn, transparency and good features, are increasingly being applied to the high-end watches, mobile phones and other luxury goods. 6 Apple cell phone cover glass is used in sapphire.

Precision laser cutting technology, the world generally use the "ps" and "ns" Both technologies have advantages and disadvantages. "Picosecond" technology because there is no "heat affected zone", use of a wide range, it is suitable for cutting of a transparent material, the disadvantage is the high cost; advantage "nanosecond" technology is cost, but for the most demanding processing tasks for the presence of some restrictions. The company after repeated comparisons cost and other aspects, and finally decided to adopt nanosecond technology. I heard some colleagues he would like to use after "nanosecond" Technical feel very funny, and some even said: "Wang Zhiwei fool, this is the court death ah ...... If he succeeds, I jumped." Theorists experts are not authorized "nanoseconds" technology, that this technology can cut ceramics, but there is no way to cut sapphire. Since sapphire is transparent, nanosecond laser technology could not produce effect on the transparent material. In theory, it does not work. However, Wang Zhiwei unbelievers. He thought, Sapphire is aluminum oxide; ceramics are silica and alumina, composition is very similar. Can cut ceramics, there is no reason not cut sapphire ah. He believes that practice makes perfect. After several tests, and finally succeeded in cutting their machines out qualified sapphire phone cover.

Some experts heard Wang Zhiwei break after technical difficulties nm laser machine, do not believe, I made a special trip to see the Ming radium laser equipment company. When Wang Zhiwei to a transparent sapphire glass material on the machine, cutting red flash out a pretty phone cover after qualified experts dumbfounded, shaking his head side to say "incredible, theoretically nowhere ah!" Side thumbs praised Wang Zhiwei well.

As more and more mobile phone manufacturers started to develop high-end mobile phones, sapphire cover hides huge potential market. Ming radium production of "nanosecond" laser precision cutting machine, the effect is surprisingly good. Compared with other "ps" machine, not only cutting speed, high efficiency, and can be cut very thick sapphire glass. Costs are greatly reduced. Others machines sell 2 million yuan Taiwan, and sold only 500,000 yuan Wang Zhiwei machine Taiwan, the price as low as about 1/3 ~ 1/4. This incredible breakthrough, the laser has a laser inscription means other people can not resist the competitive edge! Those who do "ps" technology manufacturers, after seeing the success of Wang Zhiwei, regret ah, regret the intestines are green. They produce the machine several times more expensive than Wang Zhiwei, high efficiency and no others, how competition ah? Wang Zhiwei said that he had successfully jumped the man blurted out: "This is how could ah ...... think of me simply sell the machine, I Xiangtiao Lou the ......"

In 2014, radium-ming, this laser precision laser cutting machine have continued to expand the range of applications, in addition can cut ceramic, sapphire, diamond and even particularly high hardness materials, can also be used to cut 3 mm or less, very thin metal material . This cutting thin material difficulty lies in the material is very easily deformed. Ming radium laser machine solved the technical difficulties. For example, it can be used to cut very thin, very fine metal eyeglass frame. No previous precision laser cutting machine, metal processing industry glasses eyeglass frame, usually using two processing methods, one is the diamond wire sawing method, known as "walking wire" technology. This process is inefficient, and generate dust, pollution of the environment; the other is the stamping method, we need to open the mold. Open mold is very expensive, if a small amount of glasses production, open stamping die does not pay.

Now, with a third laser cutting precision machining approach. The designed frame drawings entered into the computer, the thin metal film on the operating table the machine, press a control key, the laser flash, a highly sophisticated eyeglass frame is done. Compared with the previous method, the advantages of laser cutting more to go: a few times to improve work efficiency, no pollution, eliminating the need for open mold production volume and cost relationship is not great, special glasses can produce twelve. Ming radium laser optical industry, this machine is greatly welcomed, so that the production cost is greatly reduced, unlimited multi-style glasses, 2014--2015 years radium laser inscription sold every year in more than 100 glasses of precision laser cutting machine. Laser technology to optical industry production process has brought a revolutionary change. The precision laser cutting machine used in the production of eyeglass frames, the first Ming radium laser. This is an example of the expanding use of laser machines. Exclusive means no business competitor, this is the real "Blue Ocean."

Second half of 2015, with the follow-up to imitate peers, Ming Lei laser precision laser cutting machine remains ahead, but also by the impact of low-cost counterparts. At a stainless steel furniture exhibition, Wang Zhiwei see a lot of stainless steel pipe used in the furniture industry, but learned through research not only in the furniture industry, medical equipment, sports fitness equipment industry is the extensive use of pipes, tubes at a time when the laser on the market cutting machine is not widely used, although there are counterparts to launch a similar product, but mostly sheet metal tube machine, the transformation from the original large format sheet metal cutting, based on the price is too high, the pipe machining precision and professionalism are not enough . Many customers simply cutting pipe that spend millions to buy one kind of sheet metal tube laser cutting machine not satisfied, not worth. Wang Zhiwei decided to do a meet tube, square tube, shaped such as pipe cutting, drilling, grooving, engraving graphics laser cutting machine, laser radium-ming, then invest a lot of manpower and funds for market research, product development. Currently the machine which has been formed, and a number of customers have already scheduled, the official time to market in the second half of 2016.

Ming radium laser, will once again with the new "blue ocean" Let careers.

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