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The principle of laser cutting machine cutting here I will not say it! I believe each and every concern laser cutting knowledge of my colleagues are not very familiar with it all, there are introduced to the main laser cutting process above, the following inscription laser radium Xiaobian take a look at what the three main characteristics of laser cutting is ? How to understand the three main characteristics of laser cutting?

1, laser cutting is a high energy density, good controllability of non-contact processing.

After the formation of very small focus point of the laser beam has a very strong energy, apply it to the cutting has many features. First, the laser light energy into heat energy to maintain stunning in a very small area, providing (1) a narrow slotted straight edge; (2) adjacent the cutting edge minimal heat affected zone; (3) small local deformation. Secondly, the laser beam does not exert any force on the workpiece, it is non-contact with the cutting tool, which means that (1) no mechanical deformation of the workpiece; (2) ** no wear, there can be no question ** conversion; (3 ) cutting the material without regard to its hardness, that laser cutting capacity not affect the hardness of the material cut any hardness material can be cut. Again, the laser beam is controllable, and high adaptability and flexibility, so that (1) combined with the automation equipment is very convenient, easy to implement cutting process automation; (2) due to restrictions on the cutting of the workpiece does not exist, the laser beam unlimited copying cutting capacity; (3) combined with the computer, the whole board can discharge material savings.

2, laser cutting slits narrow, small deformation of the workpiece.

The laser beam is focused to a small spot, the focal point to achieve high power density. At this time far more than the heat input beam is reflected material, conduction or diffusion part of the material quickly heated to vaporization degree was evaporated to form holes. With the beam and the material is relatively linear, so that the holes are continuously formed through a narrow slit. Trimming heat has little effect, basically no deformation of the workpiece.

Cutting process with added material is cut with a suitable auxiliary vapor. Steel cutting the use of oxygen as an auxiliary vapor and molten metal oxide material to produce an exothermic chemical reaction, while helping to blow away cutting slag seam inside. Cutting a polypropylene plastics with compressed air, cotton, paper cutting flammable materials using an inert vapor. Into the nozzle of the auxiliary cooling vapor'll focus lens to prevent dust contamination of the lens holder into the lens and cause the lens to overheat.

Most organic and inorganic materials can be cut with a laser. In the industrial manufacturing system occupies a weighty metal processing industry, many metal materials, no matter what kind of hardness, can be cut without distortion. Of course, the high reflectivity material such as gold, silver, copper and aluminum, which is a good heat conductor, so the laser cutting is very difficult, if not cut.

Laser cutting burr, wrinkles, high precision, better than plasma cutting. For many mechanical and electrical manufacturing industry, due to the modern computer program control laser cutting system can be easily cut in different shapes and sizes of the workpiece, it is often more preferred than punching, molding process; despite its processing speed is also slower than the punches, but it did not die consumption, not repair of mold, while also saving time change the mold, thereby saving processing costs, reduce production costs, so consider a more cost-effective overall.

On the other hand, from how to make the mold design to adapt to the workpiece size and shape change in angle of view, laser cutting can also play its precise, reproducible advantage. As a priority means to manufacture stacked die, because no advanced toolmakers, laser cutting operating costs are not expensive, and therefore can significantly reduce mold manufacturing cost. Additional benefits of laser cutting die die also brought the trimming will produce a shallow hardened layer (heat affected zone) to improve the wear resistance of the mold running. Characteristics of non-contact laser cutting circular saw blades to cut shaped stress brings no advantage, due to increased blade life.

3, laser cutting with a wide range of adaptability and flexibility.

Compared to other conventional machining methods, laser cutting of greater adaptability.

First of all, compared with other thermal cutting methods, the same as the thermal cutting process, other methods can not be applied to a very small area that like a laser beam, resulting in incision width, HAZ Japan apparent deformation of the workpiece. Non-metallic laser can cut, while other thermal cutting methods can not.

(1) Oxygen - Combustible body (such as acetylene) cutting. This method is mainly used for cutting mild steel, because of its heat input high-impact, low cutting speeds, are rarely used to cut 20MM following requirements dimensionally accurate material.

(2) plasma cutting. Cutting speed is significantly faster than oxyacetylene cutting, but poor cut quality, top of the cylindrical-shaped head trimming, trimming clear from undulated, but also to prevent ultraviolet radiation generated by the arc. It is slightly better than that of laser cutting is suitable for cutting thicker steel and aluminum to beam high reflectance and the like.

(3) punches. Parts with mass production of low cost method of punches, short production cycle. But the poor adaptability of its design changes, new mold design takes a long time, the cost is high, medium and small-scale production, the characteristics of laser cutting will be fully demonstrated. In addition, program-controlled laser cutting arrangement to facilitate the work closely, conserve materials and punch you need to set aside around each workpiece material.

(4) die cut complex parts segment. Under normal circumstances, often punching punch die size is much larger than the workpiece, the workpiece is still somewhat complicated, which led to many small conchoidal edge trimming was needed a second preparatory processing renovations. Also punch form cutting much wider than the laser incision, produce large amounts of iron.

(5) sawing. Cutting thin metal, its speed is significantly slower than laser cutting, and laser as a flexible non-contact, profile cutting tool, the cutting can be cut in any direction from any point in the material begins. This sawing is difficult to do.

(6) EDM. Usually, favorable electrical and electrochemical etching or electrical discharge machining two methods of melting effect, for the fine machining of hard materials, the roughness of the cut is better, but the cutting speed slower than laser cutting several orders of magnitude.

(7) water cutting. Many metal materials can be cut, but the cost is high.

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