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Why do you want to adjust the laser welding machine light path? As long as it is mechanical things, we in use after a period of time will be to maintenance of equipment, to guarantee the normal work, and good effect, is the same as the laser welding equipment, equipment in use after a period of time will appear loose parts or shift phenomenon, this needs us to adjust the light path, so how to adjust the laser welding machine light path?

Laser welding machine light path adjustment, important if there is no specially the technical training, please don't for the following operation, because

Laser welding machines, laser and optical path adjustment should be carried out by specially trained personnel, otherwise it will caused by laser disorders or adjust light damage to other components on the road.

1. Check the benchmark light source

Red semiconductor laser is the benchmark of the light path, must first to ensure its accuracy. With a simple height gauge check whether the red light is parallel to the optical bench top of the guide rail, and the center of the optical bench between two guide line, such as a deviation, can be adjusted through six fastening screws. Pay attention to check it again after adjust all fastening screws are completely tightened.

2. Adjust the output mirror (output medium diaphragm) position

Adjust the output mirror, should be equipped with YAG rods condensing cavity, so as to avoid because of the light path of YAG rods refraction error affect the accuracy of adjustment.

Output medium the precise location of the diaphragm should be a red light is located in the center position and the red light fully reflected back to red to perforation, otherwise should be carefully adjusted by diaphragm frame knob. Note after the adjustment should be diaphragm frame adjustment knob on the clamp ring completely lock, ensure the stability of its position, and then check again whether the location of the reflected light remain in place.

3. Check the installation position of YAG rods

With transparent tape taped to the ends of the YAG rod set, observe whether red spot is in the middle of the two great casing position, if there are any deviation, by adjusting the position of the condensing cavity should be amended. Reflected light position, and then observe the YAG rod should overlap with red light out perforation, or in both red as far as possible under the premise of keep at the center of the rod bushing adjust the position of the condensing cavity make reflected light as far as possible with a perforation, at least should guarantee the adjustment to the deviation is less than 1 mm and the perforation.

(4) adjust the mirror, all the media diaphragm) position

Step 1: check whether the red light is in the middle of the diaphragm of medium position, otherwise should adjust medium diaphragm frame installation location makes red light in the center of the dielectric film.

Step 2: coarse medium diaphragm knob, the red light reflected back to the perforation.

Third step: open the laser, 200 a, pulse width adjusted to about 2 ms, repetition frequency adjusted to 0 hz, stepping on the pedal switch makes the pulse xenon lamp flashes, completely with the exposure of all black like paper in the output mirror, can observe laser output, two knob adjustment diaphragm frame, make the output light spot most round and even, then gradually reduce the current 120 a, further fine-tuning knob carefully repeatedly, as far as possible to hit as flare the circle and the strongest part of the paper focused on the spot center.

Step 4: check whether the laser and the red light overlap, the paper fixed in the front of the laser output mirror and try to stay away from the position of output mirror, send a laser pulse, observe whether like the facula center on the paper with the red light center overlap, such as not overlap, you can fine tune the output and full mirror, the mirror, make the light and red light overlap, then paper fixed in 800 ~ 1000 mm away from the laser output mirror, to check whether light and red light overlap again. If can overlap, laser that is adjusted to best state.

Step 5: lock the adjusting knob, once again check is good, like the light spot on the paper with red light coaxial. It should be readjusted.

5. Check the position of the brake light

Artificial rotary reflection lens bracket, push the brake light to light blocking position, observe whether the red light in the center of the lens, the reflected light is located in the center of the beam end device on the absorption of the cone, such as the position is not right can be a little adjustment, finally, should pay special attention to carefully check whether the brake light reflection lens cleaning, contaminated the lens in use will soon burst.

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